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TDMM Inferno TD


TDMM Inferno Tower Defense TD is a cool and insanely addictive game to tickle your brain. Get hours of fun by our defense game, you will fall in love with the game, moment you start playing it. TDMM Inferno Tower Defense TD offers hours of fun that are free of any charge. Many levels to keep you hooked for hours with awesome fun and frolic. Train your medieval kingdom’s army of warriors, wizards and archers! Defend the castle from demons and devils in this fun tower defense strategy game! Assemble an army of defenders and fight off monster hordes from destroying your medieval fantasy kingdom! A simple yet cool game, TDMM Inferno Tower Defense provides you a great way to relieve from all the stress with its hours of fun and brain tickling effect. Your only motive is to kill all enemies and defend your castle. Make sure to place your knight’s heroes in the right areas to let them kill demons and devils. Don't let them capture your castle and Remember that you need to put your heroes in a strategic area. Challenge your friends to achieve the highest score in this addictive heroes and castles free game. Show your courage and cunning! Recruit hero commanders, build warrior armies, crush enemy monsters! Download TDMM Inferno Tower Defense TD now and enjoy the best among war strategy games, with knights and dragons.Why you need to download and install TDMM Inferno Tower Defense TD instead of other demons and devils defense games?TD Inferno Tower Defense TD Features:
▶ Medieval Fantasy Atmosphere!- Kingdoms & Castles - Immerse yourself in a fantasy world where your kingdom depends on you to defend the castle from arrogant demons and devils from darkness badlands- Epic War! - Then rush into dozens exciting tower defense levels of fun strategic warfare
▶ Defensive Strategies!- Tactics - Make your own TD battle plans and fight off both magic and martial attacks- Build & Defend - Create turrets and build your army to crush your enemies from darkness badlands- Tactical Upgrades – Improve your defenses right on the battlefield with powerful magic skills
▶ 3 Unique Fantasy Armies!- Brave knights and cavaliers, sublime griffins and monks, pure angels and archangels from medieval Castle- Arrogant elves and centaurs, powerful dwarves and dendroids, mighty dragons and unicorns from forest Rampart- Wisdom mages and gremlins, animated golems and gargoyles, immortal genies and titans from Tower
▶ Recruit 24 Legendary Brave Heroes and Generals! - Hero commanders with Turret Defense skills - Archery, Offence, Resistance, Artillery, Ballista, Estates and Leadership qualities to make your turret towers invincible- Mighty Wizards with Magic Defense skills – Mysticism, Sorcery, First Aid, Air Magic, Earth Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic rampage skills- Legendary heroes will have to go into the badlands to get experience and improve their powerful skills
▶ Monster Enemies!- Destroy over 14 types of ugly sneaky monsters! Otherwise they will rush your peaceful kingdom to smite you and turn your disciples into slaves.- From Imps to Satan’s each with their own offensive and defensive skills (Beware of the Devils!)
▶ Powerful Spells & Sorcery!- Magic Skills - Cast mighty spells such as Fireball, Lightning, Firewall, Frost Ring to your enemies’ death! - Divine blessing – Cast sacred spells as Bless, Cure, Precision, Prayer, Haste to your turret towers dominance!- Destructive curses – Cast weakening spells as Slow, Earthquake, Quicksand to monsters doom!
▶Collect tons of ancient artifacts!- Improve your heroes & generals battle abilities- Increase magical abilities of your hero - Make your turret towers unbeatable
Love medieval military strategy games? Then download now and dive into the fantasy action adventure of TD Inferno Tower Defense TD! Perfect of the skills of your warriors, build defensive fortresses, devise tower defense strategies and become the hero to your kingdom needs to protect your castle!